Everyone’s safety is the most important factor and we are confident in all of our policies and procedures to keep you safe.  Please read below the three ways you can continue to do yoga at Bliss!

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Streaming Classes

Streaming Classes

Each class time will also offer a streaming class. Passes are available at a reduced rate of 50% for these classes. You will receive a link 30 minutes before the class to allow you to stream with the in-studio class.

Enjoy the feeling of a class at specific times from the safety of your home!

How to Live Stream!
For your best live stream experience with us we recommend the following:

  • Use Google Chrome as your browser (unless you are on iPhone, which in that case Safari for iOS is your best bet)
    Turn the brightness up on your device to see your teacher more clearly
  • Drop the bottom participant bar on your screen by clicking on the little arrow on the left, this way you will be able to see the teacher demonstrate the floor postures
  • Clear a space in your house that has no to little clutter, and that is way from distractions
  • Turn off your cell phone and practice at a time when your kids, spouse/roommate and pets are occupied
  • Create your own Blissful atmosphere with an aromatherapy diffuser, and safe fire free candles
  • You could even make your own lemon grass towels and have them in the fridge ready to go for that Bliss like refreshment at the end of your practice

Yoga on Demand

Vimeo was our go-to when we had to shut down and we are so pleased to offer this on-demand platform for now and for the future when travel is part of our lives. We have a great selection of classes with many of our teachers, available as a single rental, purchase or monthly subscription.

 Join the teaching team at Bliss YogaSpa from anywhere in the world! Whether you are practicing from the comfort of your own home, a hotel room, or outdoors, bring Bliss into your yoga practice. We offer various styles of practice, including flow, yin, hatha, restorative, myofascial release, meditation and yoga nidra. We also offer a variety of class lengths to support you even when you only have a small window in your day to dedicate to your practice. We are looking forward to being a part of your home yoga practice. Namaste.

Bliss YogaSpa OnLine from Bliss YogaSpa OnLine on Vimeo.

Yoga on Demand
When the Sutio has Reopened...

When the Sutio has Reopened...

We finally feel ready to start offering a limited number of ambient and warm yoga classes starting July 20, and increase as the demand grows, always allowing one hour between classes for a full sanitation of the locker rooms, studio and lounge. (At this point we will not be offering hot classes due to the AHS requirement of 3m distance between students.) There will be no props available or mat/towel rentals so we encourage you to bring your own, as well as a full water bottle. Our water station will still be available with sanitizer right next to it, but no tea at this time.

All common areas including locker rooms and lounges are mandatory masked areas. You may take yours off once you are on your mat in the studio. We will be allowing 16 people into Lotus and each space will be clearly marked. Because the classes will also be streaming we have changed the logistics of the room and we think you’ll love it.

 Due to the limited numbers, the cancellation window is now 12 hours to avoid the penalty of one class and to ensure all spots are maximized! We don’t want anyone to miss the chance to practice! You will be required to complete a Covid waiver each day you come to class. Let us know when you are ready to reactivate your unlimited otherwise it will stay suspended. All punch passes will be given a five month extension, although we’ve only been closed for four, just to give you time to make your way back to the mat.

 P.S. Lemongrass towels will still be available from masked and gloved teachers at the end of class!

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Yoga on Demand

We Have a Great Selection of Classes With Many of Our Teachers, Available as a Single Rental, Purchase or Monthly Subscription.