We offer heated and non-heated yoga classes for a variety of practices.  Each temperature setting has its own benefits, with the cooler environments providing the space for greater mental focus as well as the exploration of certain postures and pranayama techniques that are not suitable in a heated room. The warmer environments can contribute to an external heating up of muscles and fascia, allowing for more comfort in deeper stretches, as well as a greater caloric burn and detoxification both mentally and physically as we sweat it all out!

Blissful Flow

A dynamic and energizing vinyasa style practice where we flow fluidly from one posture to the next guided by the rhythm of our breath. Each teacher will offer their own unique approach to the class with the focus on intentional breath, creative movement and safe physical alignment. This style of practice promotes both strength & flexibility in the muscles, while also encouraging greater stability and range of motion through the joints. When we synchronize the movement of the body with the flow of the breath, we cultivate a deeper sense of focus and clarity, promoting a steady mind, a calm nervous system and a sense of wholeness. 
Our Flow classes are offered in 2 temperatures, Warm at 33 degrees celcius, and Glow at 38. 
All levels of practice are welcome, but we recommend some yoga experience before attending. Come well hydrated and ready to move, sweat and have fun!


The Yin practice is a slow and mindful practice that promotes a deep internal exploration of the joints, connective tissue, fascia, and muscles. The postures are passive, most practiced laying or sitting on the floor, and held for a duration of 3-5 minutes. These extended holds allow the poses to be experienced in the deeper layers of the body, adding a healthy stress which promotes resilience within the connective tissues, flexibility in the surrounding muscles, and mobility within the joint.
This practice also works to harmonize the flow of energy or chi within the body by clearing stagnation from the energetic channels or meridian lines. Yin is a meditative practice as we work with mental focus and supportive breath to be fully present as we participate in maintaining our joint health and overall well-being.
A great complimentary practice to the Yang side of yoga, as well as our other physical activities.  Practiced in our heated environments of Warm at 33 degrees Celsius, and Glow 38, with some classes adding the ambience of Bliss Fire Pots to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. All levels of practice are welcome. 

Blissful Beginner Flow

If you are new to yoga, or new to heated yoga, this class is the perfect class for you! Practiced in our more moderately heated environment with the pace slightly slower than our regular Flow class, we focus on the fundamentals of the practice.  Simple yet powerful breath techniques will be offered to enliven the body while cultivating more focus within the mind, and the foundation of safe alignment in postures will be detailed throughout the class. With more in-depth explanations of the movements and proper usage of yoga props, this class will help foster a strong foundation from which you then can grow your practice. Beginner Flow is also great for experienced practitioners looking to bring it back to basics and re-strengthen the foundation of their practice.
This class is offered in our Warm 33-degree environment, please come well hydrated. All levels are welcome, but this class is designed for beginners.


The word Hatha embodies the balancing aspects of life, “Ha” representing the Sun or the masculine qualities, and “Tha” representing the Moon or the feminine. This practice captures the essence of this equity, offering the opportunity to connect more with your body and your breath, while recognizing and steadying the fluctuating tendencies of the mind. This style of practice will promote strength, as well as increased flexibility while also supporting joint health and mobility, and can be a great way to de-stress on all levels.  Experience an intentional practice with a focus on proper body mechanics and physical alignment paired with mindfulness and encouraged harmonization of the body, mind and spirit.
This class is practiced in our Classic room temperature environment at 23 degrees, as well as our Ambient environment at 28 degrees. All levels of practice are welcome.


The Hips classes at Bliss promote a balance of both strength and space in and around these major joints of the body. Through strengthening postures for the glutes and thighs we provide greater stability and protection for the hip joints, reducing the potential of injury by maintaining muscular support. We will also guide deeper stretches & poses that will help release muscles and fascia, as well as apply a healthy stress to the connective tissues which will increase resilience within the joint capsule. Expect a blend of strength and stretch to maintain healthy balance, increasing muscle tone as well as flexibility in this area of the body. Some teachers may include some longer held Yin style postures, and/or myofascial release though the use of therapy balls to further reduce tension held in the hips.   
This class is offered in 2 different temperatures. Ambient at 28 degrees, & Warm at 33. All levels of practice are welcome.

Core Strength & Depth Yoga

A strong core is imperative for the maintenance of stability through the trunk of the body, overall spinal health and support for proper body mechanics when doing any kind of physical activity, whether that be carrying groceries from your car, lifting your children, playing sports, or practicing yoga. The primary focus of each class will be in cultivating a strong core. We will also take some time in practice to go deep, where we will build on a skill, like balancing on one foot or our hands, working on an inversion, or another advanced movement in the yoga practice, such as binding.

Come well hydrated, and expect to sweat, get strong and have fun!

This class is offered in our Warm environment of 33 degrees. Core yoga is generally a vigorous more strength based class but will accommodate all levels of practice. Some previous yoga experience recommended.

Yin Yang

The Yin Yang practice truly allows us to explore the duality that is life. Masculine and feminine, hot and cold, strong and soft. With the first half of this class expressing the masculine aspects of the practice, expect a more vigorous flow with poses that help to strengthen and create heat in the body. In the last half of the class we slow things right down, moving into longer held postures focusing on deep stretch and joint health. This practice captures fully the polarities within our own being, and will leave you feeling balanced throughout body and mind.
This class is offered in our Warm environment at 33 degrees, so please come well hydrated. All levels of practice are welcome.

Blissful Restoration

This class is designed to guide us into a state of inner peace while relaxing the body, calming the nervous system and slowing the overactive mind. Blissful Restoration includes supportive postures using blocks, bolsters and blankets to create comfort and warmth as you completely let go of responsibility, stress and worry. A restorative practice has been proven to be one of the most beneficial practices here in the Western world. For one hour we are able to retreat from the excessive stimuli that is constantly being received by our nervous system; work, emails, social media, tv, to do lists, traffic, etc., guiding us into deep relaxation so to promote balance and lead us back to feeling rested and whole.   
This class is practiced in our cozy Ambient environment of 28 degrees. All levels of practice are welcome.

Myofascial Release

This class is the perfect class to compliment your other activities and styles of practice. Partnered with some traditional Hatha & Restorative yoga postures, we integrate the use of therapy balls for myofascial release (self-massage of the soft tissues through rolling) to target specific areas of accumulated tension to release and relieve.  Feel the tension from the week simply melt away and leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated.  
You will also see this class style partnered with Blissful Restoration for an even greater stress melt in a special offering every Sunday.
This class is offered in our cozy Ambient temperature of 28 degrees. All levels of practitioners are welcome. 

Gentle Yoga

Our Gentle Yoga class is a specialty class that is meant to be inclusive for all those who are looking for a more subtle approach to their yoga practice.  
This class will include gentle hatha postures, as well as yin and restorative postures, supported with the use of props. There will be some aspects of strength as well to promote stability and injury prevention. You can also expect some breath work and meditation weaved into the practice to create a more whole experience for both body and mind.
This class is appropriate for those students who are brand new to yoga, or just stepping into being active again, as well as supporting the physical changes that come with pregnancy and is recommended for both pre- and post-natal moms. It is also the perfect choice for those who are choosing to age gracefully and hope to maintain strength, flexibility, mobility and healthy joints. If approved by a physician those recovering from injury or surgery may find this class a nice way to slowly get back into movement and be an active participant in their own recovery.   
Keeping ourselves safe and healthy means choosing a class that does not over stress our bodies, and our Gentle Yoga class is exactly that. Designed specifically to improve mobility, reduce chronic pain, increase strength, flexibility and circulation, while also inducing a calm mental state. Practiced in our Classic 23-degree environment, all levels of practice are welcome.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a practice of mindful sleep, where we set the body up as comfortably as we can, supported by blocks, bolsters and blankets, so that it can achieve a state of sleep. The mind remains awake, and is guided through an experience that explores the 5 Koshas, or layers of the Self, according to yogic philosophy. Through this process, the nervous system down regulates into a parasympathetic response, the brain waves slow down to that which almost resemble a sleep state, and our body and mind shift out of stress and into healing. In this state we gain access to deeper levels of mind, and can potentially create shifts within non-serving habits and beliefs to align to a greater way of being. We do this through Sankalpa, a sacred vow, or intention for our lives.     
Yoga Nidra has been shown to be one of the deepest levels of rest we can achieve, with 30 minutes of practice being equal to 4 hours of sleep. 
This class is practiced in our Classic room temperature of 23 degrees. All levels of practice are welcome, no yoga or meditation experience necessary. 

Warm Rocket Flow

This fast paced and fun flow class is based on the Rocket Yoga series which was created by Larry Shultz, yoga teacher of the rock and roll band The Grateful Dead. The slogan for this practice as quoted by The Grateful Dead band members is that, "Rocket gets you there faster!" You will experience a similar flow within each class giving you the opportunity to really learn the postures and observe your personal progression within the practice. Typically, a 90-minute practice in totality, each week will offer different portions of the series for variety and exploration. There is also a playful aspect to this practice which incorporates at least one hand balance and one inversion throughout the flow. This is considered more of an intermediate practice, but all levels of practitioners are welcome as all advanced postures will be broken down so everyone has an opportunity to give it a try.  

This class is practiced in our Warm 33-degree environment, so come well hydrated and expect to have fun and get a great sweat on!!   

Yoga for Runners (seasonal)

Yoga for Runners is designed specifically for the athlete! Whether you are a runner, cyclist, play sports or even golf, this practice will target the primary areas of the body that can become tight when we are more active. Hips, legs, feet, IT bands, and shoulders will all be recognized in this practice, offering deep release so to maintain the balance required to continue to excel at our activities of choice!  
This class is offered in our heated environment of Warm at 33 degrees, so to assist in external heating of the muscles which can contribute to more comfort while practicing the deeper postures. 
All levels of practice are welcome, and please come well hydrated!

Inferno Pilates

Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) is a High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) class. It is low impact, which means it is easy on the joints and safe for all levels of practitioners. This practice combines the principles of Pilates; controlled functional movements, designed to tone muscle, smooth facia, and tighten the skin; with the timing of Tabata; 20 seconds of movement/10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Inferno Pilates is challenging for all, yet accessible for beginners. Join this class to promote strength for the entire body. A fantastic compliment to your yoga practice!

Inferno Pilates is practiced in our Warm environment of 33 degrees.  Come well hydrated and be ready to work hard and have fun!! 

Specialty Classes


Prenatal Yoga offers expectant mothers a practice which can support them through the changes that happen, both physically and hormonally while pregnant.  Through breath work, meditation, and yoga postures designed to create both the strength and space where it is needed during pregnancy, prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to maintain balance, and connect holistically with the life growing within.
Bliss provides a supportive and comfortable environment, with a multitude of props and amenities, as well as teachers with specialized training who understand your needs as a pregnant woman.
This class is practiced in our Classic room temperature environment of 23 degrees, and is a 6-week program which allows for a progressive experience so to better support the changing body as it advances through different stages of pregnancy.  
All trimesters are welcome and no previous yoga experience is required.

Please note that towels are not provided for showers in yoga change rooms.