Everyone’s safety is the most important factor and we are confident in all of our policies and procedures to keep you safe.  Please read below the three ways you can continue to do yoga at Bliss!

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Streaming Classes

Streaming Classes

Each class time will also offer a streaming class. Passes are available at a reduced rate. You will receive a link 30 minutes before the class to allow you to stream with the in-studio class.

Enjoy the feeling of a class at specific times from the safety of your home!

How to Live Stream!
For your best live stream experience with us we recommend the following:

  • Use Google Chrome as your browser (unless you are on iPhone, which in that case Safari for iOS is your best bet)
    Turn the brightness up on your device to see your teacher more clearly
  • Drop the bottom participant bar on your screen by clicking on the little arrow on the left, this way you will be able to see the teacher demonstrate the floor postures
  • Clear a space in your house that has no to little clutter, and that is way from distractions
  • Turn off your cell phone and practice at a time when your kids, spouse/roommate and pets are occupied
  • Create your own Blissful atmosphere with an aromatherapy diffuser, and safe fire free candles
  • You could even make your own lemon grass towels and have them in the fridge ready to go for that Bliss like refreshment at the end of your practice

How to Live Stream Video

Yoga on Demand

Vimeo was our go-to when we had to shut down and now that our year is over, we are excited to be consolidating our entire library under one umbrella in MindBody.

 Join the teaching team at Bliss YogaSpa from anywhere in the world! Whether you are practicing from the comfort of your own home, a hotel room, or outdoors, bring Bliss into your yoga practice. We offer various styles of practice, including flow, yin, hatha, restorative, myofascial release, meditation and yoga nidra. We also offer a variety of class lengths to support you even when you only have a small window in your day to dedicate to your practice. We are looking forward to being a part of your home yoga practice. Namaste.

Bliss YogaSpa On Demand

Yoga on Demand

Yoga on Demand

We Have a Great Selection of Classes With Many of Our Teachers, Available as a Single Rental, Purchase or Monthly Subscription.

The New Yoga

We are trying our very best to offer a great Live Stream and Video on Demand experience! Of course, with everything technology related there is always going to be some glitches and we know that online live stream classes are never going to be quite as amazing as the real in-person experience. However, we are happy to extend this option for you right now! We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding and hope that you have a great virtual experience!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. What is Live Stream?
  2. How do I sign up for Live Stream?
  3. I didn’t receive my email for Live Stream.
  4. Live Stream keeps cutting out.
  5. I cannot connect to the Live Stream.
  6. I’ve done all these things and Live Stream is still not working.
  7. What is Video on Demand?
  8. Video on Demand Link.

1. What is Live Stream?

Live Stream is a way that you can join us from home for our in-studio live classes! The class is taught at the studio at a specified time. You can take the same class at home that is offered at the studio. It is not recorded and can only be accessed at the specified time of the class.

2. How do I sign up for Live Stream?

Sign up for Live Stream via our Mindbody schedule just as you would for our other classes. You will receive an email with the link to that class prior to the start of class. ***Be sure that your email address and password are correct on your Mindbody account.***

3. I didn’t recieve my email for Live Stream.

Check your junk folder. Be sure that your email address is correct in our Mindbody system. Email ambassador@blissyogaspa.com if you haven’t received it within 5 mintues of class (and hopefully we will get back to you in time, but of course, it may not always be possible).

4. Live Stream keeps cutting out.

Be sure you have good internet. Hard wired internet often works better than wifi.

Close all programs and windows you are not currently using. Clear your browser history, cache, and cookies.

5. I cannot connect to the Live Stream.

From a PC or Mac Computer download the Mindbody Live app here: https://video.mindbody.io/download

Google Chrome and/or Safari 13+ are the recommended browsers for Live Stream. Be sure to have the most up to date version of your browser.

Refresh the browser and allow access to your computer/camera/microphone.

On Apple products, disable the Pop-up blocker under Settings>Safari>General>Block popups OR on the Live Stream screen tap the aA button in the top left then ’Request Desktop Website’

6. I’ve done all these things and Live Stream is still not working.

Here is a link to the Mindbody Help page for Live Streaming that may offer a few more technical answers and links: https://support.mindbodyonline.com/s/article/Live-...

7. What is Video on Demand?

Video on Demand is our library full of pre-recorded classes. Every month we add 8-10 new classes for you to enjoy. You can access these at any time and any place. This feature can be added to our regular passes. Go to the Prices page for the description of the fees.

8. Video on Demand Link.
 Video on Demand

When the Studio has Reopened...

When the Studio has Reopened...

Updated protocols as of June 8

We are very excited to be able to offer in studio classes again, and have the safety of both our students and our staff at the highest of priorities. 

The teachers are responsible for sanitizing all high touch surfaces including; door handles, light switches, recording equipment, music & heat controls, towel plate and tongs which are used for handing out the chilled lemon grass towels.  Our towel service is given to only those students who want it and is done so after the teacher sanitizes their hands and puts on all necessary PPE, such as masks and face shields. 

The attendants follow the teachers cleaning with a complete sanitization of mirrors and floors, and they will often double sanitize the high touch surfaces.  

Change rooms & other common areas are also sanitized once class goes in so counters, lockers, toilets, sinks, etc. are all disinfected between use.  Change rooms are open for those students who need it, but many students are coming ready to practice and bypassing the change rooms.  For this we are allowing personal belongings in the studio, keys, phone, etc. but ask everyone to be mindful of noise and disruption, to be extra quiet when coming into the room, and to turn their phones to airplane mode.

We have an excellent air exchange system in the yoga studio with the fan running at all times, and after each class do a full air exchange cycle, moving out the old air and bringing in new fresh air from outside.  We are currently in the process of installing an additional filtration system to our air exchange on the recommendations of the CDC. 
We are adding in portable filters call Molkule Pro and fully sealed Merv-13s. 

We are running classes at 1/3 capacity, so there are 10 students allowed in the room, plus the teacher.  Each student has a marked out space, and there is a minimum of 3m between students, and students from teacher, measured from the centres of each mat.  The teachers are diligent with instructing students where to be on their mat so that the 3m between everyone is constant throughout the class.  

With the new restrictions, masks are only mandatory in common areas, and when physical distancing is not possible.  Once students and teacher are on their mat, they can take their masks off.  Those students who choose to keep their masks on can absolutely do that, and if a teacher feels better with their mask on they can keep it on, but most are teaching with no mask.  If the teacher leaves their mat space for any reason they put their mask back on.  For the majority of the class the teacher is to not leave their mat but if they need to adjust lighting or music they will wear a mask.  There is no adjusting of students.  

There are no mat rentals available, and we are also not allowing the use of house yoga props at this time, students can bring their own props if they wish.

Teachers are encouraging nasal breathing only, no mouth breathing or releasing exhales through the mouth.  

We are also running our class temperatures at a maximum of 30 degrees, and dialing down the intensity level slightly so its easier for students to maintain a steady breathing pattern through the nose.  Teachers also encourage students to take breaks if they become unable to control their breath in this way.  

All our staff are screened on the daily before they work/teach, and all students are also required to fill out a covid waiver before each class they attend.


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