30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge

It is that time of year where we normally come together as a community for some extra motivation and inspiration, to challenge ourselves with 30 days of yoga!!  And this year is no different than the past, well a little different, but nothing is going to stop our November Yoga Challenge!!!

The Challenge is...

In the 30 days of November complete a minimum of 20 classes to win a Bliss goody bag stuffed with amazing gifts. Simple as that! Along with winning a gift bag for completing your 20 classes you will also reap the multitude of benefits that a consistent yoga practice promotes, including:

  • increased physical strength
  • mobility, flexibility and balance
  • a more balanced nervous system
  • increased Heart Rate Variability
  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • mental clarity
  • emotional regulation
  • more ease in managing daily stress
  • and an increase in overall well-being and feelings of positivity. 

If you want to amp up your challenge a bit you could attempt more than 20 classes to qualify for ONE prize ($100 Bliss credit) for most classes completed within the 30 days

All class passes and unlimited passes are good to use for the challenge, and if you decide to purchase a one month unlimited for your challenge we will hold your class pass for the month so it doesn’t expire.  

If you are practicing in studio, just write your name on our November challenge board so you can track your classes.  If you are practicing at home via livestream, create your own November challenge board so you can see your progress.  We will also track your attendance with Mindbody so we got you covered!! 

We are looking forward to sharing the excitement, dedication, and inspiration that our November challenge always brings. See you on your mat in November!!!

With our new format you can complete your 20+ days of yoga in-studio, or in the comfort of your home via our live stream classes. You can also mix and match in-studio and live stream classes if you can’t make it in some days, or just find it easier to get all your classes completed. If you are participating in the challenge with us via Live Stream Classes only, our Live Stream Class Pass or Unlimited Pass will serve you well. If you are completing your challenge in studio only, any of our In Studio Class Passes or Unlimited Passes/Auto-Renew will serve that purpose. 
(Challenge excludes Vimeo subscriptions)

 *If you are streaming from home, please check that your mindbody and bliss app emails are the same. Please check that you can log into our mindbody site before your class as there have been a few issues with logins.

Download your at-home yoga class tracker

Download your at-home yogatracker!