Yoga on Demand

Join the teaching team at Bliss YogaSpa from anywhere in the world! Whether you are practicing from the comfort of your own home, a hotel room, or outdoors, bring Bliss into your yoga practice. We offer various styles of practice, including flow, yin, hatha, restorative, myofascial release, prenatal, pilates, meditation and yoga nidra. We also offer a variety of class lengths to support you even when you only have a small window in your day to dedicate to your practice. We are looking forward to being a part of your home yoga practice. Cost is $35/month.

Bliss YogaSpa On Demand

Yoga on Demand

The New Yoga

We are trying our very best to offer a great Video on Demand experience! We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding and hope that you have a great virtual experience!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Tips:

1. What is Video on Demand?

Video on Demand is our library full of pre-recorded classes. You can access these at any time and any place. This feature can be added to our regular passes. Go to the Prices page for the description of the fees.

2. Video on Demand Link.
 Video on Demand

Yoga and Covid

Yoga and Covid

We are very excited to be able to offer in studio classes again, and have the safety of both our students and our staff at the highest of priorities. 

The teachers are responsible for sanitizing all high touch surfaces including; door handles, light switches, recording equipment, music & heat controls, towel plate and tongs which are used for handing out the chilled lemon grass towels.  Our towel service is given to only those students who want it and is done so after the teacher sanitizes their hands and puts on all necessary PPE, such as masks and face shields. 

The attendants follow the teachers cleaning with a complete sanitization of mirrors and floors, and they will often double sanitize the high touch surfaces.  

Change rooms & other common areas are also sanitized once class goes in so counters, lockers, toilets, sinks, etc. are all disinfected between use.  Change rooms are open for those students who need it, but many students are coming ready to practice and bypassing the change rooms.  For this we are allowing personal belongings in the studio, keys, phone, etc. but ask everyone to be mindful of noise and disruption, to be extra quiet when coming into the room, and to turn their phones to airplane mode.

We have an excellent air exchange system in the yoga studio with the fan running at all times, and after each class do a full air exchange cycle, moving out the old air and bringing in new fresh air from outside.  We are currently in the process of installing an additional filtration system to our air exchange on the recommendations of the CDC. 
We are adding in portable filters call Molkule Pro and fully sealed Merv-13s. 

If the teacher leaves their mat space for any reason they will put their mask on as we are now able to do adjustments in the non-streaming classes

Teachers are encouraging nasal breathing only, no mouth breathing or releasing exhales through the mouth.  


Yoga on Demand

We Have a Great Selection of Classes With Many of Our Teachers, Available as a Single Rental, Purchase or Monthly Subscription.