Restore your Core Workshop

Join guest teacher Natasha Dancause for Restore Your Core on September 24.

Restore Your Core  is a proven + comprehensive core and pelvic floor strengthening method that targets your whole body in order to regain function. Thousands of women worldwide do RYC  because it is so effective and unique.

In this 90 min class you will learn introductory concepts and begin to train your core and pelvic floor muscles to be reflexive and responsive to your body. If you struggle with diastasis recti, a weak core, back pain, bladder issues (leaking), pelvic organ prolapse or are just looking to build a sustainable movement practice with an integrated core - this class is for you.

In closing we will spend some time allowing all we have learned to become integrated into our system, while experiencing a mini Subconscious Imprinting Technique (SIT).
Please register by calling one of our Ambassadors at 780-432-1535. Cost of this 90 minute experience is $25 per person.