Spring Fling Yoga & Lifestyle Challenge

Spring Fling Yoga & Lifestyle Challenge

Our annual Spring Fling Challenge is back!!  This time with some really fun twists!  For the months of March and April we get our yoga on, attempting to complete 30 classes in 60 days.  As we do each spring at Bliss, we build a habit of consistency, and allow all the benefits of a regular yoga practice to be highlighted.  And there are so many benefits!  Feeling better in our body, stronger, more mobile, and balanced.  We sleep better, and have more awareness around our habits and patterns, and live in the empowerment that we can create better ones.  Our minds are more steady and experience inner calm, we can regulate stress more easily….. the list goes on!

If you have done a yoga challenge before, you have direct experience with how it can enhance your life for the better.  It’s amazing how much can change after just 60 days of practice, and why wouldn’t we want to share that with someone.  This year you could share those gifts with a friend, invite them to participate with you in the challenge, motivate each other, and both receive the benefits, sharing your progress with each other along the way.  The duo with the most classes completed will each receive one month of unlimited yoga ($330 value)

So, if you like yoga (and we know you do), and also love to play BINGO, then this spring challenge is for you!!  One of this year’s TWIST in addition to the honorable attempt to complete 30 classes in 60 days, is Yoga BINGO!!!  Up the FUN factor this year by creating a goal to either complete a LINE, an X, or the entire card to win a corresponding prize!  Our BINGO challenge will inspire you to try new classes, new teachers, as well as invite you to try some challenges on your own, such as a daily meditation practice for only 5 minutes each day, starting a gratitude journal, or tracking your progress on social media and connecting with the Bliss community online.  Imagine being able to use the excuse of a yoga challenge to treat yourself to a massage or pedicure, amazing!!  And as an added bonus, all spa treatments count as a class in your challenge. 

If you’re not into playing a 2-month long BINGO game, no worries, you can still sign up for our challenge to complete the worthy goal of 30 classes in 60 days.

All class passes, unlimited memberships and auto-renew can be used for the challenge, there is no additional cost.  If challenging with a friend, you do not always have to attend the same classes to receive the corresponding prize for completion.  For Yoga BINGO, please bring your BINGO card to the front desk to stamp once a square is completed and then submit once you have completed your line, X or full card! (one redemption per card per person)