30 Day Progressive Yoga Challenge

30 Day Progressive Yoga Challenge

November Yoga Challenge

This is our yearly multi-level challenge that we are very excited about!

First, come to yoga a minimum of 20 days in November (using your existing pass) and you qualify for the first prize of a 20% discount on your next 10, 20 or 40 class pass up to 30% off! For every day over 20, you get that discount on your pass. For example, if you come to yoga 27 days in the month of November, you will receive 27% off your next 10, 20 or 40 class pass purchased by December 15, 2019.(Workshops and multiple classes in one day count as one credit. The number of days you attend dictates your discount with a minimum of 20 days ~ if you have one of our unlimited passes, you may use your discount towards any spa service!)

 The second part is our Yoga SALE! Get 20% off of all yoga products! This includes all mats, towels, clothing and accessories (excludes jewellery) for the month of November!

 Third, the person who comes to the most classes (not days) will be outfitted by local clothing company, State North!

Finally, our lucky number seven year anniversary is coming up so we are offering one select FREE class on November 7, 17 & 27! Sign up early!
Come to our launch on November 3 with a Sunday Sanctuary class and stay tuned for our finale!

 We are so looking forward to seeing you back on the mat!!

Please note: there will be modified yoga schedules on November 2 & 11