The Gifts of 2021

There are many things outside of ourselves that we are unable to control, and when we spend our time worrying about those things it depletes us. Our immune system, our health, our happiness and our overall well-being. But what makes us incredibly powerful beings, is our ability to choose and create!

 So lets create the year we desire by starting 2021 out right!!

CHOOSE to take your power back by focusing your mind and energy on that which you can control; your inner environment, your thoughts & beliefs, and your health & well-being.

CREATE the momentum in the direction you want your year to go by prioritizing your health on all layers; mind, body and heart. Find a positive mindset with intentions to take care of both your mental and physical well-being through consistent practice, and
reconnect with your yoga community, whether we are in studio or online.

We start this year with a self paced yoga challenge of sorts, to both recognize and receive the GIFTS of 2021. We have selected 21 days in January where you could receive an additional gift, over and above all the benefits you already receive from a regular yoga practice. If you attend a class on one of the select days in January, your name will be put into a draw for one of our 21 GIFTS of 2021 (see descriptions below).

The practice of yoga reminds us that peace and joy exist within us at all times, no matter what is happening around us. 2021 is our time to remember this and CREATE the year we deserve!

You can participate in our GIFTS of 2021 with any of our regular class passes, unlimited, or auto-renew, attend either in studio (once we are permitted to open) or on live stream, on any of the select days to get your chance to win the corresponding gift for that day (draw will happen the next day and winner will be notified by phone, email or text).