What is Reiki?

The Usui System of Natural Healing:
Rei = Something Mysterious and Sacred.    Ki = Unseen Energy of the Universe.
This ancient healing art was anchored to earth in Japan in the 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a complete healing system however it is also the perfect enhancement or complement to other alternative and conventional therapies. It is safe and gentle and deeply healing.

Reiki is a sacred universal force that releases, activates and transforms energy. It is often utilized as a preventative health measure, however a person does not need to be sick to receive the benefits of a Reiki session.

Reiki restores and re-balances the body’s energy, clears blockages, activates, accelerates and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal and detoxify itself. All organs, glands, and cells of the body are energized and re-balanced, enabling them to function more efficiently.

Reiki is a multi-level healing energy that not only heals symptoms but also the underlying cause of a disease. It can help with acute (injuries) and chronic conditions (asthma, eczema, headaches etc.) Deep healing can be experienced on the following levels of our being: - physical – mental – emotional – spiritual -

Reiki is deeply relaxing, relieves stress, tension and pain, calms fears, boosts self-esteem, heals, rejuvenates and energizes. It also aids in better sleep patterns, reduces blood pressure, supports the immune system, increases vitality and postpones aging. Reiki also raises the vibrational frequency of the body, helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing, can assist with releasing addictive behaviours and help us reach life decisions (life purpose, job, relationships etc.).

The client may experience a range of sensations, emotions, or thoughts during and after a session. One can feel tingling, hot and cold sensations, a sense of pressure or heaviness, deep sense of relaxation. Many people often experience a clarity of thought or have an emotional release as clearing energy is channeled to them. It is not uncommon for these experiences to continue well after the session has ended.

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