Sheena was originally drawn to yoga to with a trip to Mexico when she was 18. This was the start of something life changing. After practicing regularly for six months she started to experience new sensations and energies. Her awareness was awakening to a completely different experience of reality that felt new, yet more alive.

Here is what Sheena has to say about her journey… "Through my continued practice, I began to recognize how much effort I placed into changing my circumstances; more exercising, more education, more work…blah blah. I really thought that if I just pushed hard enough, things would happen. And they did, externally. I had stuff; house, car, job; my relationships existed at this level as well. People wanting to be around other people for the sake of saying they had friends, for the sake of having great pictures and never being alone.

What awoke in me was the truth that I would be everywhere I went. I realized that I had all of the external things without the inner space to truly BE the love, abundance, allowance, peace, release and connection I was yearning for.
My Yoga on and off the Mat, is a practice of living awake and from my heart. I saw that people often don’t give themselves permission to love life, to enjoy their own space within and to just chill out.

Nobody around me understood what was happening when this realization manifested so I like to be there for people if and when this happens for them. I’m honored to witness student’s journeys with Yoga whatever it looks like and feel blessed to watch the endless unraveling that happens.”

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