Shanon attended her first Yoga (Ashtanga) class with her Mom 24 years ago. She quickly fell in love with it, probably more so for the physical aspects at that time. It fed her love of the human body, the art and science of how it moves, inside and out. However, it didn’t take long her to realize that Yoga was a way of living. The physical gains were a side effect, and the real draw was the peace, grounding, and love she felt when practicing. This is the heart of Shanon’s practice. Shanon’s craving to learn more about Yoga lead her to complete various workshops and her 200hr YTT training with Anahata Rising. She looks forward to continuing her studies and embodying knowledge in her teaching and practice.  

To Shanon, Yoga is her home. Her best friend, healer, shoulder to cry on, happy place, and safe space. It is where she has learned to love herself and others, to be gracious, to forgive, to accept, to be kind, to observe, to be present, to listen, to hold space, to see beauty in the human experience, and to see beauty that lies within. When teaching Yoga, Shanon aims to create an inclusive space where practitioners of all abilities can explore what Yoga is, and can become, to them.

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