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Lindsey P. - Yoga Instructor | Yoga Instructors | Bliss YogaSpa

Lindsey is currently inspired by the human experience.  This breath...  this body…  this feeling…  this emotion…  this thought…  the interplay between these layers of who we are, and how they are then expressed through practice and participation in life.  

Over the last 12 years or so, Lindsey has immersed herself in the study of these layers.  Human anatomy & physiology, neuroscience & psychology, yoga philosophy and practice, multiple modalities of movement, and practices for whole balance and health.  Along with her personal study and practice, Lindsey supports the growth of yoga teachers and communities through her roles as yoga teacher trainer, and yoga studio director at Bliss YogaSpa.

In her amazement of the potential of the human body and witnessing its continuous transformation and endless innovation, Lindsey approaches each practice like an intimate adventure in the body.  Discovering new ways to move and feel, welcoming in new pathways of learning and understanding, and disintegrating habit and conditioning.  Dissolving attachment and inviting in the inevitable change that is physical reality.   

When Lindsey is not practicing or teaching yoga, she is finding alternate adventures.  Training and conditioning at the gym in Olympic lifting, calisthenics or gymnastics, gardening, spending time in nature, road tripping, camping, or traveling to somewhere she has never been. 

Whether teaching yoga asana, meditation, or yoga nidra, Lindsey offers an integrative experience that is holistic, inclusive and challenging, in hopes to support students in feeling welcomed and inspired within themselves.

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