Lacintha completed her YTT @blissyogaspa in 2016 and began teaching with Bliss shortly after.
Before Lacintha’s journey took her on a path of self-discovery with a passion to share her knowledge through teaching, she worked as a Lawyer practicing Criminal Defense Litigation in South Africa.

Upon settling in Canada, she pursued her interest in Martial Arts and took trainings in Taekwondo, Motobu Ryu Karate, Kyokushin Karate and Sayoc Kali, a Filipino edged weapon art.

About 16 years ago, while living in rural Alberta, Lacintha discovered a weekly Hatha yoga class held in a building on Main street. That was the start of her yoga practice. Lacintha began her 200 YTT with the sole intention of connecting to her practice, beyond the asana, so to speak. Toward the end of training, the seed to teach was planted. Her opportunity to teach was born when her Sensei asked her to run a yoga program at the Edmonton Kyokushin Karate Club Dojo. Lacintha’s teaching journey progressed from there.

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