Kat was initially drawn to the practice of yoga out of heartache. At the time, she was teaching step aerobics and decided one evening after class to try yoga. It was an Iyengar class, w/ a teacher, whose knowledge and teaching style left her inspired. The class allowed Kat to see where imbalances in her body were and opened her up to connection and ease. There was a feeling of mystery and sense of knowing at the same time. On Kat’s walk home she knew that she had found something magical.

“I got disillusioned in the fitness world but truly I changed. A break-up and then death of my father opened up places in the heart that were unattended to. Yoga became a safe and healing place for my body and spirit. During my exploration of yoga I found meditation and have been practicing both since 1997. My practice has become essential in my life and I wanted others to find solace in their lives and growth. It is my wish that students return to a place of connection, relaxation and loving presence. It took me awhile to teach, I never felt I knew enough! I completed 2 trainings before I began. Over the years, I have changed my style, but there is one constant in my classes; union of body, mind and spirit.”

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