I started practicing yoga in 2007, I was newly pregnant and looking to do everything healthy for the baby I could. I had read about how beneficial prenatal yoga was and signed up for an 8 week program at a small studio downtown. I remember very clearly being in warrior 2 and feeling a strength I hadn’t experienced before. I was always someone trying to prove how strong I was, lifting girls in cheerleading, lifting kegs while bartending, always pushing a little harder at the gym.  In that warrior two I felt an inner strength, an inner power I didn’t know I had, and it felt peaceful and calm. Something I didn’t know could exist in my strength.  I remember walking past the door to the public class as someone opened it to step out. I got a glimpse of what they were doing, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt a pull quite like that. After I had my son, I started practicing hot yoga and loved every minute of it. I began to crave the studio and how it made me feel. I loved the challenge, and finally felt a connection between my mind and body. I knew I was going to teach, so I signed up for my 200 hour in 2013. It was during my 200 hour that I was able to deepen the spiritual side of my yoga and dive deeper in to the well of my inner strength. 

My practice has evolved through the years as it naturally does, through injury, grief and heartbreak, I have found an ease and a softness that I have so desperately needed through my life. I have learned to move with the seasons, to honour my body and heart through its healing and to keep coming back to God. 

I hope to hold this space for you as well while I teach. I hope you are able to find a strength both physically, and internally, while allowing yourself to show up on the mat exactly as you are today, wholly perfect.  I hope you find the space to heal, grow and maybe even laugh a little along the way. 

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