Ashlynn was a point in her athletic career where she was always tight or injured, and the depression and anxiety she had been dealing with started to completely isolate her. Her coach had been suggesting yoga for a couple months as a means to prevent injury and at the same time. It was such an intensely new challenge for her, and she felt, like so many other people new to yoga, like she was “bad at it.” But slowly her body started to feel better; some days she could feel her anxiety start to ease.  Even though she was not immediately in love with yoga, she was hooked from the first class and hasn’t given it up since.

It created an intense desire to share the practice of yoga. When she saw a poster for a 200 hour teacher training with Empowered Yoga the wheels started turning…and she started her research. It was based on the love of movement and the premise of movement as medicine. It focused on Strength and Power Yoga.  She registered to start taking her teacher training within that same month.

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