I am forever grateful for the depth of this practice and what it has to offer depending on what I need and what life is giving me in the moment. From day one, over ten years ago and through all the years in between, Yoga has continuously morphed, reshaped and expanded itself and how it plays a part of my life.

I strive to bring this knowing from my own practice into the studio space for my students. That life is fluid, always evolving and that our physical practice on the mat is not in isolation from our minds or our emotions and the influence of our daily lives.

My biggest lesson, from all these years and  500 hrs of teacher training, workshops, retreats and a deep regular practice, is that I know change only occurs with time, commitment and practice…the ultimate exercise in patience and mindfulness.  I bring this message into my teaching, encouraging students to listen to their inner voices in the moment, and take those experiences off their mats.

I not only teach, but also practice Ashtanga, Vinyasa (flow), Hatha and Yin, with a particular fondness for inversions!  I am fortunate to be guided in my own practice by some incredible yoga teachers, who’s influence and knowledge continuously spark an interest to delve deeper into meaning and self-study both on and off my mat. I’ll forever be a student of and thankful for: Lindsey Park, Ricky Brennan, Melissa Perret and Heather Ivany.

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