AshVal is known in her community as someone who has the uncanny ability to decode the body. Having worked with the body as a personal trainer for 12 years and massage therapist for 5+ she honed a unique skill to read between the lines of what you say and how your body presents. Ultimately helping you see your own truth and discovering who you really are.

She has been practicing Subconscious Imprinting Technique since 2019 and has participated multiple times in teaching it to others as a lead Facilitator. Using this modality in combination with her vast anatomy knowledge as well as her current education in muscular psychotherapy (Bodynamic, Somatic Development Psychology in year 2/3) she is a powerhouse of knowledge and practical skills ready to help YOU! 
Through hundreds of sessions delivered globally, AshVal has proven time and again that when you learn to trust yourself your life has no choice but to get better!

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